5 Ways A Rock Garden Can Make Your Yard Shine

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Have you considered adding a rock garden to your landscape? This often-overlooked yard element can solve a variety of landscape challenges and has its own unique benefits. What are some of these pluses that a good rock garden can bring to your property? Here are just a few.

1. It Covers Problems. Do you have a problem area in your yard that you haven't been able to solve? This could be anything from an area that's too hot or that puddles when it rains to a spot that the dogs like to dig in. A rock garden has few landscaping needs and builds upward, meaning it can replace other features that need the right soil, the perfect environment, or constant attention.

2. It Adds Height. Create a backdrop or add drama to the yard with a rising rock garden. These gardens can be as tall or as short as you want, so you can use them to give a large sloped area some beauty or to connect the ground with a floating structure like a deck. While you can use trees or shrubs to achieve height and depth, a rock garden will need much less in the way of ongoing pruning or care. 

3. It Needs Little Effort. Once established, the rock garden will require little regular effort to maintain. Most homeowners install a drip irrigation system to fulfill the limited water needs of the ground cover plants typically in such a garden. Aside from occasionally pinching back creeping plants, you may not have to work on this feature much at all. Busy homeowners and those with high-maintenance features in the rest of the yard can rest easy. 

4. It's Flexible. Each homeowner determines what to put in their rock garden, making it a unique and personalized yard feature. Every rock garden will be unlike any other due to the infinite choices of rocks, boulders, and plants available. And, unlike some hardscape elements, you can change the flowers, rocks, and shapes in this garden as often as you want. 

5. It Deters People. Do you have a spot that takes a beating because of kids, pets, wildlife, or other people? Deter them with a lovely rock garden. Due to the garden's natural height and non-pedestrian-friendly boulders, few animals and humans will choose to walk on it. This is perfect for a business with lots of pedestrian traffic through certain areas or a homeowner who wants to discourage neighbors from cutting corners. Rather than just put up with an unsightly problem, make it go away. 

Does your yard suffer from any of these challenges that can be handily solved by a good rock garden? Start crafting a plan to make your property even better by consulting with a landscaping business in your area, like Luxury Lawns Landscaping.

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