Three Ways That A Landscaper Can Add Shade To Your Yard

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If you have a yard that is notably devoid of shade, you don't necessarily have to retreat inside your home during the heat of the day. Instead, talk to a local landscaping contractor to express your interest in adding shade to the yard. Depending on the size and shape of the yard, your budget, and the exact amount of shade that appeals to you, your landscaper can introduce you to a variety of options. Here are three of the solutions that the landscaping professional might bring up and then implement in your yard.


Planting some trees in strategic areas is an effective way to add shade to your yard. This can be a good option if you favor natural-looking sources of shade. Your landscaping contractor can suggest various types of trees that are known for their thick foliage and that grow well in your climate. Of course, trees won't result in instant shade. It takes years for trees to mature, so this is a long-term project. If you plan to stay in the home for a long time and you don't mind waiting for some shade, trees can be a good choice.


Many residential lots already have fences around them, but this isn't always the case. A fence won't do anything to help with shade when the sun is at its midday peak, but it can be useful later in the day. For example, if you find that the low sun during a sunset shines directly into your backyard, it may be unpleasant to sit on your patio because of the brightness. The installation of a fence will be effective for blocking the low sun and thus making your backyard more hospitable late in the day.

Awning Or Pergola

While many landscapers focus on lawn care, tree planting, fence building, and other, similar projects, there are others who can take care of a host of small building assignments. When you want to have more shade in your yard, your landscaper might recommend the installation of a sun awning or a pergola over your patio or deck. Many landscapers can build and/or install these elements for you, which can play a major role in adding shade to your outdoor living space. One advantage of an awning is that many awnings are retractable, so you can extend it only when you want to block the sun and then retract it at other times.To learn more, contact a company like C  & J Landscaping.

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