Business Landscaping And Erosion Control Solutions To Help Protect Commercial Property From Damage

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If you own commercial property, good landscaping designs are important for your business. The landscaping can also include features that help protect your commercial real estate from damage due to problems like soil erosion. The following landscaping design and erosion control solutions will help protect your commercial property from damage and improve the appearance of your business: 

Hillside Slopes and Using Easy-to-Maintain Plants to Help Stabilize Soil and Prevent Erosion  

The slopes of commercial landscaping can be a problem if the soil starts to erode, which can affect the infrastructure like parking facilities, hardscaping, and buildings that house businesses. One of the easiest ways to prevent these problems is to use ground cover plants that help to stabilize soil and prevent problems with erosion.  

Using Retaining Walls and Gravel to Help Improve the Erosion Control of Commercial Real Estate  

Retaining walls can help improve the landscaping and erosion control of your business. These walls can do this by helping to hold back loose soils. Consider adding retaining walls that also give your landscaping unique shapes and features.  

Diverting Runoff Around Your Landscaping With Drainage Canals Masked Beneath Landscape Finishes  

The runoff of landscaping around commercial buildings can contribute a lot to the problems of soil erosion. Therefore, one of the improvements that you will want to consider is redesigning the watershed of the landscaping. This can be done with drainage canals that can sometimes be an unsightly addition to landscaping. Hide the drainage improvements with gravel and landscaping aggregate finishes, which can help blend them into things like flowerbeds and garden areas.  

Using Geotextile Features to Add Soil Stabilization to Your Landscaping and Prevent Problems with Erosion 

There are also many options to use geotextile materials that help stabilize soil and prevent erosion. These materials can be fabrics that are installed over loose soils, and then you can plant grass and other plant life that helps with erosion control on top of them. There are also textile materials that can be used, which can be filled with rock, gravel, and other attractive aggregate materials.  

These are some tips that will help improve your commercial real estate with better landscaping and erosion control. If you have a property that you want to invest in and improve for the long term, contact a commercial erosion control service, like Holleman Hydroseeding & Erosion Control LLC, and talk to them about some of these solutions.  

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