4 Different Irrigation Options To Consider For Your Landscaping When Having Artificial Turf Installed

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If you are going to have a grass lawn replaced with artificial turf, one thing that you should not overlook is the irrigation of your landscaping. The new turf and other plants are going to need watering. The irrigation protects the turf from wear and deterioration due to exposure to direct sunlight. The following irrigation solutions are some of the options you will want to consider for your landscaping when you have new artificial turf installed: 

The Irrigation Needs of the Real Plants That You Have in Your Landscaping   

The real plants of your landscaping still need to be watered if you have artificial turf installed. Rather than installing conventional sprinklers for these watering needs, consider options like drip irrigation, which waters the plants more efficiently. If there are still areas with ground cover for things like soil stabilization, sprinklers may still be a good option in these areas.  

Rain Collection Systems   

While there may be some areas of your landscaping that still need conventional irrigation, the artificial turf will require substantially less watering. Therefore, you may want to consider more practical watering solutions using things like rain collection systems and barrels. Manual controls for the rain collection will allow you to water the turf when it is needed and save water for other outdoor tasks when watering is not needed.  

Soaker Hoses and Installing Them Correctly   

Soaker hoses are another option that you will want to consider for the watering needs of artificial turf. These irrigation systems can be installed beneath the turf and provide irrigation to the soil to prevent deterioration. They can also be installed to mark the borders around the turf and provide water to the surface of the materials where it may be needed.  

Installing Conventional Sprinkler Systems and Using Them Correctly   

Another option for irrigating artificial turf is using conventional sprinklers. If you already have sprinklers installed, you can use the same system for irrigation needs. The sprinklers will need to be operated a little differently, and you may consider options like timers and more manual controls that will allow you to water the turf only when watering is really needed.  

These are some of the options for irrigation that you will want to consider when you replace the grass in your lawn with artificial turf materials. If you are ready to replace dying grass with greener landscaping, contact an artificial turf installation service and talk to them about the irrigation needs of the type of materials you plan on having installed.  

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