6 Landscape Design Ideas Worth Exploring

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Taking on a landscape design project poses the challenge of coming up with ideas that'll be inspiring. If you're looking for a starting point, take stock of these 6 possibilities for your property.


Adding paths to landscapes is both practical and beautifying. Products like stone pavers can be used to carve out the pathways. Using a pathway can also be a way to guide a viewer's eye through a landscape, especially in areas that might not be rich with features. You also can utilize paths to guide a visitor's feet through the area.

Lush Greenery

While some folks prefer plants to stay tightly trimmed, there's something to be said for letting your landscaping run a bit wild. Full bushes and big blooms can give a space an added sense of life. Mix in some colorful flowers to add some character and interest to the greenery, too.

Fences and Retaining Walls

Establishing boundaries in a landscape is a good way to frame a yard visually. Fences can be practical or architectural. Retaining walls can add interest, and they can be functional in properties that aren't totally flat.

Climbing Plants

There's no reason to limit the greenery to the ground. Climbing plants like vines can add excitement by bringing the greenery closer to viewers. You'll need to build structures for them to climb, but these can be created using wood and vinyl products. Walking through a trellis full of flowers, for example, can be very exciting. Bear in mind, though, doing this sort of thing from the ground up requires an investment of time to get the plants to grow to their full potential.

Don't be afraid to integrate climbers into other parts of your yard. Roses, for example, can add a thrill to any patio.

Hidden Features

Using medium-sized trees and bushes, it's possible to create a secret space on your property. This is great for privacy if you want to set up something like an outdoor kitchen. It also can be a fun spot to let kids play while keeping them contained and can be an especially useful feature in bigger yards.


Benches, picnic tables and plain-old chairs can provide places for people to rest while out in the yard. This can help you enjoy your property for longer periods of time. It also adds immense functionality, especially if you couple seats with tables. Folks who want to avoid leaving items outside can purchase folding tables and chairs for easy storage and deployment.

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