Hire A Landscaper To Help You Choose Plants For Along The Edges Of Your Driveway

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It's common to have your front lawn end where your driveway begins, but this may not be a look that you favor. If you aren't a fan of the drawbacks of this idea — namely, having the grass occasionally grow onto the driveway — you might be thinking about having flowerbeds installed along the driveway's edges. Your local landscaping service can not only take on this project that will transform the look of your front yard, but can also talk to you about which flowers to use. You'll generally want to choose flowers that meet these criteria.

Flowers That Need Full Sun

While some front yards have a lot of shade, it's common for a front yard to primarily be sunny. This is apt to be the case if you don't have a tree in your front yard and your neighbors' yards are also devoid of trees. You'll definitely want to choose flowers to plant along the edges of the driveway that thrive in full sun. Flowers that require a mix of sun and shade may struggle to grow in this sun-heavy environment. Depending on your climate, your landscaper can present you with several suitable choices.

Flowers That Don't Spread

You'll also want to stay away from flowers that spread. A spreading plant won't work well in this application because it will begin to encroach on the driveway. This not only results in a messy look, but driving over the plant may be inevitable — thus potentially harming its growth. Additionally, if you don't like your lawn growing next to your driveway because of the potential of the grass spreading onto the asphalt, you won't want a similar issue with your flowers. Tell your landscaper that you'd like some recommendations for flowers that grow upward but not outward.

Flowers That Are Hardy

It's smart to ask about types of flowers that are known for their hardiness before you decide what your landscaper will plant in the beds along the edges of your driveway. The flowers in this location may experience some unfavorable conditions at times. For example, if you leave your vehicle idling in the driveway each morning, the exhaust may blow directly on a few of the plants. Neighborhood dogs might urinate on the plants at the base of the driveway, and a careless mail carrier may occasionally step on a plant while crossing your driveway. Flower varieties that are resilient will be a good choice.

To learn more, contact a landscaping company.

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