Tree Hazards And When Problems Require More Than Trimming To Keep Your Property Safe

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When trees are not cared for and trimmed regularly, problems like dead branches and damage can be serious hazards on your property. Sometimes, all that needs to be done to deal with these problems is pruning and trimming hazardous growth. If trimming is not enough to deal with the problem, you may need to top the canopy, remove the tree, or quarantine waste after removal to deal with serious infestations and diseases. The following tips will help you deal with tree hazards that require more than just trimming to deal with the problem:

Dealing with Invasive Insects, Tree Removal, and Waste to Keep Problems Contained

Invasive insects can be some of the most damaging problems with trees, and problems have been known to kill off entire stands of trees in forests. Therefore, if you have a serious invasive-insect problem with trees on your property, you want to have them removed. After the removal, you will also want to destroy the waste of the trees by burning it to kill off any insects and larvae that can spread to healthy trees after the removal is complete.

Dealing with Storm Damage to Trees and Removing Trees That Cannot Be Saved with Trimming

Storms cause a lot of damage to property, as well as trees. Therefore, you want to inspect your trees for serious damage after a storm, which does not always mean fallen branches or trees tumbling over. Sometimes, the damage is less conspicuous and can be seen in cracks and weaknesses of older, heavier branches. To deal with these problems, the affected branches will need to be removed. Since this is not normal pruning, additional trimming may be needed to give the tree a healthy shape again and promote healthy growth to start in spring.

Topping Trees When the Canopy Is Overgrown and Unhealthy as An Alternative to Tree Removal

Topping of trees is the removal of the tree canopy above the main trunk of the tree. This is something that is drastic and can weaken many tree species but is an option for problems like a serious storm or insect damage. If you have to have a tree topped as an alternative to having it removed, remember that its health will be compromised, and you may need to have the removal completed in the future. Talk to a tree care professional about trimming options to avoid completely topping trees and compromising their health. 

Removing Infected Trees to Prevent the Spread of Infectious Diseases That Can Affect Healthy Trees on Your Property

Trees can also be affected by infectious diseases that can quickly spread and kill healthy trees that are near the infected ones. Therefore, if you have trees that are dying due to infectious diseases like viruses and bacteria, it may be a good idea to remove the affected tree and destroy the waste materials before the disease spreads and kills other trees on your property.

These are some tips to help you deal with tree hazards that have grown into problems that require more than just trimming a few branches. If you have trees that are dead or pose a threat to your property, contact a tree removal service to help deal with the problem and keep your property safe.

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