Lawn And Yard Tips For Healthy Growth And An Attractive Appearance

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Spring weather is slowly approaching — in some areas of the country more quickly than others. And with spring weather comes the opportunity for spring treatments and weed prevention to get your yard off to a great start. Here are some tips for you to make sure your yard and lawn look great all season.

Use Anti-Weed Strategies

Weeds growing in your yard are a detriment to healthy plant growth and will choke them out by stealing nutrients and water that are necessary for healthy landscaping vegetation. Weeds can grow in your lawn and flower beds and can even grow in cracks in the pavement to further cause damage to your yard's hardscape structure.

First, lay down a weed barrier within your bedding areas, overlapping the edges of each layer to keep aggressive weeds from growing between any gaps. Cover the weed barrier with mulch wood chips, gravel, or another covering material. You should also spot-apply a broad-spectrum herbicide to areas in your landscaping of excessive aggressively-growing weeds. 

Within your lawn, you can pull weeds that emerge and might have a loose root growth, as to enable you to fully pull them from the ground. Some types of weeds can regrow if a portion of their root remains in the soil. Also, apply an herbicide and fertilizer combination to your lawn to provide healthy fertilizer while killing off only broadleaf weeds. This type of treatment you can apply to your lawn, and it won't hurt your lawn plants — only the weeds growing within the lawn.

As an added means of protection and to keep straight all the types of weed killer and the plants you can safely use them on, look into hiring a professional weed control team to handle your weed management. They can apply the appropriate weed killers without worrying about the timing between rain and waterings and causing any damage to your landscape plants.

Boost Your Lawn Health

There are several methods you can use to boost the health of your lawn. First, make sure your lawn gets enough water to keep it healthy through the hottest times of the year. To do this, it is essential that you water to promote deep root growth, which helps your lawn stay healthy against some of the worst droughts. With deep roots, your lawn can seek out the water that stays deep beneath the soil and out of the sun's scorching rays, and your lawn will have deeper roots to create a more stable foundation.

You should also consider applying fertilizers to your lawn in the spring, middle of summer, and late in the season to provide the nutrients your soil needs at various stages. For example, in the fall your lawn will need fertilizers rich in minerals to promote healthy root growth during the winter so it can emerge in the spring healthier. And in the spring, your lawn needs minerals to promote blade growth, which helps it maintain its healthy plant structure to continue its healthy growth late into the hotter months.

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