Things That You'll Like About A Poured Concrete Retaining Wall

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Of the many different building materials that you can use to construct a retaining wall, poured concrete might not immediately come to mind. While you might have the confidence to build a retaining wall with wood or bricks, you wouldn't likely choose to tackle one made from poured concrete because of the extensive process that is required. That's not a concern, however, because any contractor who specializes in retaining walls can build this type of structure for you. Whether you're looking for a retaining wall for a residential or commercial application, here are some things that you'll like about this type of structure.

Professional Appearance

As soon as your contractor completes your poured concrete retaining wall, you'll be impressed by how professional it looks. Sleek and stylish, the poured concrete has a smooth, uniform finish that isn't generally possible with other construction methods. In a residential use, this type of retaining wall can seem to blend into the background so that your garden and other elements take center stage. In a commercial application, the look of the concrete can match your building or walkway, providing a consistent look that helps to add to the professional appearance of your location.

Lack Of Maintenance

Different types of retaining walls require different degrees of maintenance in the years that follow their construction. In the case of a brick retaining wall, you may eventually need to replace certain sections of the mortar that have crumbled. If you don't deal with the mortar issue promptly, you may have some shifting in the bricks — requiring a more extensive repair job. You may need to occasionally put a fresh coat of paint or stain on a wooden retaining wall, and you may need to scrub its surface to prevent the growth of moss. None of these maintenance tasks will be a part of your to-do list when you choose a poured concrete retaining wall.


You'll also be impressed by the longevity of your poured concrete retaining wall. Having a wall built is a considerable investment and undertaking, and one that you don't want to think about again in the future. You can be confident that your concrete structure will be resilient season after season and year after year. Your contractor can likely give you an estimate as to how long the poured concrete retaining wall will last, based on the type of climate in which you live.

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