Low Water Pressure Issues With Your Irrigation System: Common Causes

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Your sprinkler system worked really well when it was first installed, but you now have issues with water pressure and you do not really understand why. Low water pressure is one of the most common reasons why customers have to call in an irrigation repair professional for help. The issue is not always as easy to diagnose as it would seem, so professional guidance is important. When it comes to low water pressure issues, there are a handful of issues that can generate this problem. Here is a look at some of the most common causes behind lacking water pressure in an irrigation system. 

There may be issues with clogged sprinkler heads. 

Clogged sprinkler heads are the primary reason for low water pressure, and sprinkler heads are fairly prone to this issue. An easy way to tell if this is the root cause of the problem is to look and see if all of your sprinkler heads have low water pressure or if it is only certain ones. Even though there are other problems that can cause low water pressure in only certain heads, this can rule out an issue with the full system's water supply. 

There may be issues with water delivery lines. 

Every sprinkler head is attached to its own small water delivery line in the ground. If one of these lines has a leak or is otherwise compromised, it can generate issues with substantial water pressure to those specific sprinkler heads. If you have issues with the main water supply line, which branches off to all of the sprinklers and other lines, this can cause issues with water pressure to all of the sprinkler heads. The irrigation repair professional will do a complete walkthrough to determine the source of the problem. 

There could be an issue with the main water valve. 

The main water valve to your irrigation system controls the flow of water from the water main to the irrigation system. In some cases, low water pressure can be caused by problems with the valve. Check to make sure the valve is fully open. If it is not open all the way, you can easily adjust the valve and regain proper pressure. However, if the valve is stuck, corroded, or otherwise in bad condition, it may have to be replaced to restore the water flow to all of the water distribution lines of the irrigation system. If your irrigation is in need of repair, contact a company like A Ronnow Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. for assistance. 

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