Should A Diseased Tree Be Removed Or Saved?

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If you have a tree on your property that isn't doing well, you're faced with the decision of whether to keep the tree and try to rehabilitate it or have the tree taken down. Tree removal is a service that is provided by your arborist and can be a viable solution to your needs. However, if a tree can be saved, it may be in your best interest to do so, and this is a service your tree removal service company can also likely do for you.

Should a diseased tree be saved or should it be removed? This guide will help you determine what the best mode of action is for your home so you can get more out of your landscape and you can keep your yard flowing smoothly.

The location of your tree

Where is your tree located on your property? If your diseased tree is in an ideal part of your home and offers a lot of shade or other benefits that you and your family would enjoy if the tree is healthy, then you may want to consider saving the tree and keeping it in good condition for the future. However, if your tree is not in a very good spot, such as right by your fence or near your rooftop, then you should consider having it removed because it can be a nuisance or even a danger to the rest of your property.

The type of tree you have

What kind of tree do you have on your property? Is the tree a popular or decorative tree, such as a birch, willow, elm, or maple? Or is the tree more of a weed or invasive species that you don't really want on your land? Your tree arborist can tell you what kind of tree your diseased species is to help you determine whether you want to keep the tree or take it down.

The cost of rehabilitating the tree

If cost is a factor, you need to consider the cost of rehabilitating the tree back to health versus the cost of having the tree removed. A tree removal service company will help you make this final decision by showing you what the costs are to take the tree down versus the investment it would take to rehab the tree, if possible.

The sooner you address a diseased tree issue on your property, the sooner you can get your yard back to better health. Your arborist will assist you in getting the most out of your property.

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