4 Surprising Benefits Of Having A Flower Garden

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Flowers are beautiful, so you already have a top reason for starting a flower garden. However, you may think that starting and maintaining a flower garden is too much of a hassle. Well, before you settle on that decision, consider the following surprising benefits of having a flower garden.

1. Flowers and Other Plants Can Help Your Well-Being

Most people enjoy looking at flowers. Well, according to the International Floriculture branch of Texas A & M, flowers feature health and well-being benefits beyond just a slight boost in mood from looking at a pretty object.

Studies have shown that people perform tasks better and with more accuracy when they're around the calming nature of plants. Their calming influence even increases your memory retention. You can reap these benefits by strolling near your flower garden or even arranging cuttings from the flowers in your home or office.

2. Flowers Can Serve as Holistic Medicine

Flowers can do more than just improve your cognition and well-being. They can actually improve your physical health. Households have long grown flowers that they then use as holistic medicine. Below are just a few of the flowers you can ingest for medicinal purposes:

  • Marigold: Aids in immune response and relieves stomach pain
  • Begonia: Eliminates headaches, rids the body of toxins, heals burns
  • Calendula: Induces sleep, heals cuts and wounds
  • Peony: Relaxes muscles, relieves muscle pain, helps with menstrual cramps

You can use the flowers as infusions or compound them into salves to reap their healing benefits.

3. Flower Gardens Promote Health in the Local Wildlife

Your flower garden doesn't just help you. It can also promote health in local wildlife. Specifically, you can plan a garden that attracts pollinators.

Honey bees and butterflies love flower gardens, which they use as a source of food. As they collect their nectar in the stamen of the flowers, they also collect pollen on their legs. When they move on to another flower for nectar, they deposit the pollen into the pistil. This pollination is crucial to agricultural production.

4. Flower Gardens Overall Help the Environment

Flowers serve another health-inducing benefit to the environment. For one, any plant life reduces erosion. Their roots hold onto the soil, so it doesn't waste away with the wind and rain.

More to the point, flowers grow with a process of photosynthesis. As part of that process, flowers' leaves absorb carbon dioxide. The flowers themselves then release oxygen. So, their presence in the world actually helps make the environment healthier.

A new flower garden doesn't have to represent hard work. Call for landscaping services so you can reap all the benefits of flowers in your life and the world.

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