How To Handle A Tree Emergency On Your Property

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There are not many times you would need 24/7 emergency tree services, but there are situations where it might be necessary to have a tree removed or damaged limbs cut down fast in order to prevent further damage to your property or to prevent a safety hazard for your neighborhood. Here are times when you might need emergency tree service and what to do if your property is threatened by a dangerous and unsteady tree.

When Emergency Tree Service Is Necessary

Even if it turns out that work doesn't need to be done on a tree in the middle of the night, it can be good to call a tree service to evaluate what looks like a dangerous situation to you. If lightning splits a tree, you may worry if part of the tree will topple on your house or fall on your neighbor's home. A tree might be partially blown over by a storm or it might be resting on your roof and you're not sure how long the roof will hold. Sometimes, before a tree falls, the roots will lift from the ground. You may want a tree expert to look at a tree that is leaning or has roots pulled up on one side of the tree after a storm.

A tree that's leaning into power lines and creating a hazard or a tree that's fallen across a street will need immediate care and a tree service will know how to coordinate with the power company or city to take care of an emergency that could affect your neighbors.

What To Do When A Tree Looks Dangerous

If a storm leaves your tree looking unsteady, then besides calling a tree service, you should remove your family from the tree's path. There's nothing you can do to stop a tree once it falls, so you want everyone to be out of its way. This might include notifying your neighbors of the possible danger so they can leave their homes until the tree service has deemed it's safe to return.

If the tree has fallen onto power lines or if it's fallen or threatening to fall across the street, notify authorities right away so they can respond and keep your neighbors and people driving by safe. If the tree has already fallen in your backyard, be careful about approaching it due to the danger of it being entangled in power lines. It's always best to call professionals to handle an emergency with a tree so you stay out of danger.

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