Lawn Care Spans All Seasons When You Want A Healthy And Lush Lawn During Summer

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It's not easy to grow a healthy lawn. It takes skill and regular care. If you're not all that interested in nurturing grass, but you still want a beautiful lawn, then hiring a lawn care service to care for your lawn is probably a good choice for you. Whether you do your own lawn care or hire it out, the job lasts throughout the seasons and not just in the summer when your lawn is growing. Here are some important aspects of a seasonal lawn care program.

Start By Knowing The Characteristics Of Your Lawn

You need to know the needs of the species of grass that's growing in your yard. You also need to know the type of soil, such as whether it is clay or sand. It's also helpful to know the nutritional composition of the soil by having a soil test done. When you know these things, you don't have to guess whether your soil has a low pH or what time of year you need to add fertilizer. Each type of grass has its best practices when it comes to applying fertilizer, so when you know the conditions in your yard, it helps you know what products to buy and how to plan out your lawn care program.

Spring Is The Time To Get Ready For New Growth

Spring is a good time to spread pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from popping up when the growing season starts. Fertilizer is also usually applied in the spring to nourish seeds and roots to start growing strong and healthy. A fertilizer with the right ratio of nitrogen encourages grass to be lush and green. Depending on the weather and the type of grass you have, you may need to start mowing in the spring.

Summer Is About Keeping Grass Healthy

Summer is when the grass needs to be mowed on a regular schedule and kept in the perfect height range for the species of grass you have. Summer is also time to guard against weeds and apply the herbicide when needed so weeds don't take over the yard. You might also need to plant seeds in bare spots and apply fertilizer that's formulated to protect the health of your grass in hot weather.

Fall Is When You Prepare For Next Season

Fall might entail mulching fallen leaves so they don't form a blanket that smothers your grass. Your grass might need fertilizer in the fall depending on the type of grass you have. Your grass may need to be mowed until the first freeze or snow. The weather conditions determine how long you'll need to care for your lawn through fall and early winter and when you start again the following late winter or spring. For more information about lawn care programs, reach out to a company such as Imperial Lawns.

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