4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Greener Turf and Landscaping

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Before the weather breaks and its time to get out and enjoy the nice weather, some maintenance needs to be done to the landscaping around your home. If you want grass turf to be greener and healthier, start with care now to ensure your lawn makes it through things like summer droughts and stays green.

The following tips will help you with the lawn care you need to be done to ensure you have green grass when the weather breaks:

1. De-thatching and Raking

When you get ready to do your early spring lawn care, some things may have been forgotten about since winter. First, you will want to rake any leaves and debris that have fallen since the autumn months. Now, use a garden rake to de-thatch the lawn, removing any dead growth to allow for new spring growth to come in.

2. Aerate Your Lawn

The grass of your lawn needs to get plenty of water and air at the root systems, which can sometimes be difficult with old turf. Therefore, you will want to aerate your lawn by using equipment to punch holes through the turf to the roots of the grass. If you do not have lawn aerating equipment, you can do the job yourself using a pole with a point on it and poking holes through the top of the turf, down to the root systems of the grass.

3. Address Issues with Balding Areas of Turf

There are probably going to be some areas of your grass turf that are bald due to things like traffic, soil conditions and the type of grass. Look for the areas that are bald and work the soil loose to fill them in with a nutrient-rich soil mixture and fresh grass seed. Also, you may want to apply fertilizer and rake in a good soil mix for the rest of your lawn to promote healthy growth before summer.

4. Seeding Your Lawn

The right time to seed your lawn is in early spring. Doing the seeding now will help to promote new healthy grass to sprout and be strong and healthy when the hot summer weather arrives. When choosing the type of grass seed mixture, consider the weather where you live and if you need seeds that are drought resistant or if you deal with long winters and need a grass that is tolerant to problems with a late frost.

These are some of the maintenance tasks that need to be done to ensure your grass is greener when the weather breaks and it is time to enjoy the outdoors. If you are ready to start caring for your turf, contact a lawn care service like Laser Cut Lawn Care to help with some of the maintenance that needs to be done before spring is here.  

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