Keep Your Lawn Green Throughout The Season With Maintenance Services

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A green lawn is highly sought after by many homeowners, but getting a green lawn takes more work than most people realize. The right fertilizer applied on a schedule, the type of seed you use, damage control when there is a grub infestation, and knowing when to cut the lawn all have an impact on the quality of the lawn. If you have struggled to have a green lawn and you have tried lawn maintenance throughout the growing season on your own, it's time to find a professional lawn service to do the work for you. With a careful analysis of your lawn and a treatment plan in place, you can have the green lawn you have always worked for.

The Current State of Your Lawn

Professional lawn maintenance services will take a careful look at the current state of your lawn to see where the problem areas are. If you have bare patches or problems with crab grass, you may need to have seeding done or weedkiller applied to your lawn to address these issues. Lawn services will see what they have to start with and will then develop a plan that will nourish your lawn as needed. 

Your Fertilization Schedule

In general, lawns require fertilization about four times a growing season. Your lawn maintenance services can take care of all of your fertilization needs. Each step in the fertilization process will help your lawn grow, nourishing the soil to optimize the growth of the grass.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

The maintenance needs of your lawn will change along with the seasons. During periods of heavy rain, you obviously won't need any watering. If the weather gets hot and dry, you will need to have a watering schedule in place. You may need to have your grass mowed several times a week when your lawn gets adequate water and sunshine, while you might not need as much mowing when the lawn growth is stunted for any reason. Lawn maintenance services know when to cut your lawn, when the safe times for watering are, and how short to cut your lawn depending on the weather predicted.

You can have a great-looking lawn when you invest in professional lawn maintenance. From the early spring until your lawn doesn't need mowing because the cold weather has hit, lawn maintenance services can do the work for you. While you can help with watering and mowing, a professional service in place will ensure your lawn looks amazing. Contact a company like Quality Lawncare & Landscaping to learn more.

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