Temporary Fencing Guide For Your Next Event

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If you are hosting an event for children or pets in a local park, then you will need to take steps to keep the event contained and safe for the participants, as well as to avoid spilling over into areas of the park that aren't eligible for your use. A temporary chain link fence rental may be just the thing to solve this problem. The following guide can help you plant for the temporary fencing.

Secure Any Necessary Permits

Chances are you already had to get a permit for the event. Depending upon your municipality, you may need a separate permit for putting up a temporary fence. When you check on permit requirements, make sure to get a full explanation of what types of temporary fencing are allowed. Some municipalities may have a limitation on height or they may require that certain steps are taken to secure the fence. A local fencing company may also be able to answer questions or even help secure the necessary permits for the fence.

Mark a Clear Boundary

You must mark out where you want the fence to go. Not only does this make it easier for the fencing company to erect the fence, but it also allows for an accurate measurement of how much fencing you need to rent. You can use a chalk line striper to mark the fence lines, or you can use flagging. Then, a technician from the fencing company can come out, measure the marked fence boundaries to determine both your fencing needs and placement challenges.

Provide Adequate Exits

The amount of exits necessary is likely going to be detailed on the permit or permit application, but as a general rule, you want to aim for one exit per side of fence. Larger fenced areas may require more exits. These exits don't have to be in use, they can be closed for the event if you prefer to funnel everyone through a main exit. They just need to be available and marked so that people can easily find them in the event of an emergency.

Choose a Fence Style

Finally, you need to choose a fencing style. Chain link styles are best if you want to keep people in or out of the area, simply because they are tall, a bit more difficult to climb (especially for children), and have no gaps. Shorter barricade style fences typically only have upright pickets, so a child or dog could squeeze through. They can also be jumped more easily by adults. Choose this type only if you want to mark the event area clearly or to keep out vehicles.

Contact a fence company that provides temporary chain link fence installation for more help.

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