Tips To Help You Manage And Care For Your Backyard Trees

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When your yard contains trees both small and large, they bring majestic beauty and environmental benefits to your property that you cannot get from any other type of vegetation. But when a tree in your yard needs removing, be sure to follow the recommended preparation and steps to handle the job. Here are some tasks to help you handle proper tree removal and management in your backyard.

Follow Proper Tree Removal

As part of the decision in removing a tree from your yard, you should evaluate the tree and its condition to make sure it is best to remove it. Some trees may have a disease that can be treated, for example, or another tree might need some pruning to get it into better condition for it to remain in the yard. However, if a tree is growing too close to your home and has been or is at risk of doing damage to the foundation structure or its roof, it should be removed.

If you are unsure about a tree growing in your yard, talk to a tree professional. They can recommend a treatment to help you deal with trees growing over your roof, up into nearby power lines, and those overreaching into another yard that have branches that are weakening and at risk of falling.

When it is a good idea to remove the tree, your tree professional will coordinate with local utility companies and arrange for the safe removal of the tree. They can dismantle large trees into small pieces to prevent damage and injury to nearby structures or individuals. They will also use safety equipment to ensure their own safety instead of your trying to handle the job and risk falling without proper training and equipment.

Recycle and Reuse

After removing a tree from your yard, ask the landscaping professional about using any of the tree's materials to benefit your yard's health. However, if the tree is diseased or infested with insects it is best to remove it from your property. But if the tree was otherwise healthy or dying from age, consider mulching the wood to use around your property as a mulch.

Find out from your tree professional if they offer stump grinding and removal. This process removes the stump and roots from the ground by grinding it within the soil, leaving the soil rich with wood chips and ready to grow something new. Take this opportunity to plant a new tree in its place or just next to its location. This will restore your yard's ecological balance and the shade that was lost from the old tree's removal.

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