Four Ways A Sprinkler System Benefits A Dorught Prone Landscape

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Maintaining a healthy landscape in periods of drought is a challenge, particularly in areas with water restrictions. Fortunately, a sprinkler system can help solve most challenges that come with a drought.

1. Lower Evaporative Losses

An issue with manual watering is that the time when you are available to tend to it is generally the worst time to water. Watering during daylight hours, particularly in the first half of the day, results in most of the water evaporating before it seeps deeply into the soil. If you install a sprinkler system, you can set it to water the lawn at a time with the least risk of evaporation, such as overnight or very early in the morning.

2. Avoid Drought Fines

In many areas, fines are imposed if you water too frequently or on non-assigned days. When watering manually, it can be difficult to meet the schedule needs and water restrictions in your area. A benefit of a sprinkler system is that you can set it and forget it. When you receive a restriction notice, simply set the sprinkler control box so that the system only runs on your scheduled irrigation days and only supplies the allotted amount of water. This way, you won't have to worry about fines.

3. Target Water Needs

Targeted sprinkler systems further reduce evaporative water loss. Watering by hand or with a sprinkler on the hose usually results in more water being sprayed into the air, where it is blown away or lost to evaporation. Your sprinkler installer can install sprinkler heads that reduce these issues. Low emitters spray water in a fan shape just over the tops of the grass, so the water quickly settles and seeps down to the roots. Drip emitters can be placed in flower beds and around trees and shrubs. These emitters drip the water right into the soil, all but eliminating water loss. The result is that less water is needed to maintain a healthy landscape.

4. Reduce Landscape Stress

Maintaining a consistent watering schedule reduces drought stress on plants. The key is infrequent but deep watering that encourages the grass and plants to produce deep, complex root systems that are adept at seeking water on their own. Consistency is hard to maintain when watering manually. With a sprinkler system, you simply set a schedule and and watering length that will provide the necessary deep watering for a drought resistant yard.

Contact a sprinkler system installation service if you are ready to make your lawn more drought resistant.

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