Lawn Care For Winter: Weatherizing Your Turf And Landscaping For Another Cold Winter

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As you begin all the winter maintenance that needs to be done around your home, the landscaping and lawn also need work done. Maintenance can be done before the cold sets in to winterize your landscaping and help prepare for the winter months. The following landscaping maintenance will help you with lawn care to get ready for winter:

Aerating the lawn and adding winter treatments—Aerating the lawn is one of the first tasks that need to be done before winter weather. To ensure your lawn stays health and the turf is green in spring, some of the treatments that need to be done now include:

  • Dethatching to remove dead grass
  • Aerating to give root systems air
  • Slow-release fertilization to provide the grass with nutrients

Before the cold winter months, these lawn treatments will help ensure you have green grass when spring comes.

Prune and take care of trees before winter—Trees also need to be cared for before winter. Before the weather gets too cold, you want to make sure to prune and trim the trees in your landscaping. First, the trees need to be taken care of to ensure that they are not vulnerable to damage during winter storms by trimming heavy growth. You should make sure that the trees have good soil and plenty of water to provide them with the moisture they need to stay healthy throughout winter.

Plan hardscaping improvements to complete before spring—The cold winter months are an excellent time to start planning hardscaping projects. Many different hardscaping projects can be started during the winter months to ensure they are completed before the weather gets warmer. Some of the projects you may want to consider for your hardscaping include retaining walls, curbing edging in landscaping, and surfaces for outdoor spaces.

Choose winter gardening and plants to give landscaping color—There is a bit of gardening that you can do for landscaping during the winter. The winter plants for your garden will help ensure your landscaping still has color throughout the cold season. Perennials like pansies and a winter vegetable garden with lettuce and cabbage can help give your landscaping color. Winter planting can also include lawn overseeding with hardy seeds that grow in colder weather. Overseeding with winter grass will keep your grass green through the winter months.

The lawn care and landscaping maintenance you do now will ensure your home is ready for the winter. Contact a local landscaping service for more information about cold weather lawn care.

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