Landscape Recommendations To Help You Add Rock To Your Yard's Design

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Planning a design for your yard's landscaping is a great opportunity to select which elements you like and the types of vegetation you want to incorporate into your property. Do you want to grow native vegetation or add in a rose garden alongside your backyard fire pit? With the help of your landscape professional, here are some recommendations to get the landscape that you want and with the right types of rock built into its design.

Add Ground Cover

Ground covering in your yard's landscaping is very beneficial to the environment and your yard, and it boosts the appearance of your yard. Maintained landscaping with ground cover helps to keep out weed growth and it also prevents erosion to the soil from wind, rain, and sprinkler runoff. When you choose a hardscape ground cover, such as rock or gravel, you get the benefits of the ground cover in addition to a lower water bill, as you won't have to water your rock garden.

There are many types of rock that you can use in a ground cover, such as small pea gravel or larger river rocks that have smooth rounded edges. If you want to add some color to your yard's rock covering, look for a red or black volcanic rock or the sparkle that crushed granite rock will provide you. 

Talk to your landscape professional about protecting the rock ground cover from soil intrusion. You can protect your investment with a good landscape fabric or the use of herbicide treatment within the soil foundation before you apply the rock onto the area.

Use Edging Borders

In your yard's landscaping, you will likely have different areas that you want to separate with edging materials. Instead of relying solely on rubber, plastic, or metal edging, consider adding in a rock border to separate your bedding areas from the lawn, for example. 

Be sure you select large rocks that you can embed several inches into the soil when you install the borders. This will keep your lawn from growing into bedding soil and keep your border edge rocks secure within their positions.

Build Porous Pavement

Rock can provide your landscaping another benefit by the way of installing a porous pavement. Porous pavement provides a solid surface for pavement but also allows moisture to seep into the surrounding groundwater. When you install cobblestones or slab stone within the soil surrounded by pea gravel, you get a good drainage system in an attractive pavement. This stops excessive runoff from the pavement that ends up down the storm gutters and the sewer treatment facility.

Contact a custom landscaping service near you to learn more.

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