5 Reasons To Edge Your Lawn

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One task often provided by residential landscaping crews is lawn edging. You may be wondering why you should pay for this service, as it may not be included in the main landscaping package. There a few reasons why edging is an important lawn maintenance task. The following may help you decide whether this landscaping service is worth it. 

1. Curb Appeal

There's something about an edged lawn that makes it simply look more polished and even a bit more healthy. It clearly delineates the shape of the yard and highlights other features such as paths and garden beds. Edging can be the quickest way to improve the curb appeal of the landscaping without any major expense or effort.

2. Weed Prevention

Weeds often sneak into a lawn through the margins, as the seeds blow up against the ragged edge of the lawn where it grows over the sidewalk or driveway. A crisp edge creates a barrier trench between grass and pavement, which, in turn, makes it more difficult for weeds to invade and germinate. Any that do manage to sprout will quickly be removed when you next edge.

3. Paving Protection

As grass grows over neighboring paved areas, the roots can force their way into small cracks along the paving margins. This can lead to widening cracks and crumbling pavement. Both concrete and asphalt can be damaged by creeping grassroots. Edging ensures that no grass is growing so close to the edge of the pavement that it can cause damage, which prolongs the lifespan of sidewalks and driveways.

4. Creates a Root Barrier

Edging can also be done between grass areas and planting beds for flowers, foliage, or trees. An edging trench should be deep enough so that it extends below the grass root system. This, in turn, creates a barrier that prevents the grass from encroaching on the neighboring planting beds. 

5. Browning Prevention

It's not uncommon for the edges of the lawn to look brown and withered as summer progresses. This is because heat from the paving burns the unsupported grass mat as it grows over the edges of the paving. The unattractive, dead, and dried-out grasses will clump along the edge of the sidewalk. Edging creates a narrow barrier between the lawn and hot pavement, which prevents the edges from browning and drying up.

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