What To Expect When Meeting With A Landscape Designer

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A landscape designer will help you achieve the aesthetical appeal that you envision for your property and will ensure that you avoid costly mistakes. Changing the landscaping that you are currently supplied with will require a consultation, an assessment, and formal plans.

The Consultation

You may already have some landscaping ideas in mind that you think will make a big impact on how your property looks. It is a good idea to jot down some of these ideas or to find comparable photographs of how you would like your property to look. This information can be presented during an initial consultation with a landscape designer.

The normal weather pattern, the drainage conditions, and the size of your property could influence what type of design will work best for the land. Plants, shrubs, and tree varieties may require varying degrees of sunlight or a specific soil condition.

The amount of wildlife that is present on your land could also have a bearing on what types of organic materials will grow best on the property. The initial consultation will mainly be you discussing your ideas with the designer and setting up a time for your property to be assessed.

The Assessment

The landscape designer who conducts the assessment may be employed by a company that works directly with a landscape contractor. If not, however, they will likely be able to recommend some reputable contractors who are capable of installing the features you prefer.

As an assessment is conducted, the designer may take photographs and notes that relate to the property. You may have a particular landscaping project in mind and think that one spot is ideal for the addition but discover that the surroundings will not be favorable for the upgrades. A designer can help you pick out suitable spots for each new landscaping feature that you prefer.

If any of the organic materials that you are seeking will not be a good fit for your property, some alternatives will be provided. If you would like to enjoy new landscaping features when outdoors and indoors, the designer may request to enter the premises. They will determine if the vantage point is favorable.

Formal Plans

Upon choosing upgrades, formal plans will be drawn up. The plans will outline the manner in which the project will be conducted. Some projects may require a lot of time to complete or may need to be installed during the spring or the summer.

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