Why Having A Deck Custom Built Is Worth It

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There are plenty of pre-designed decks and deck-building kits that you can use to add a deck to your home. Generally, these cost significantly less than having a deck custom-built, and so you might wonder whether a custom deck is actually worth the extra cost. In most cases, it is. Here are a few reasons why.

1. You can size the deck according to your own preferences

When you buy a pre-made deck, you're generally left to choose between a couple of sizes. You could, for example, choose a 12-foot deck or a 16-foot one. What if a 14-foot deck is what perfectly fits in your space? Or what if you want the deck to extend a little longer on one side than on the other? With a custom deck builder, your deck can be the exact size you need it to be. Tell the deck builder where you want the deck to end, and they'll build it that size.

2. You can choose your wood type

Most pre-made decks are made with pressure-treated lumber, which is quite durable but does have a distinct, almost green look. If this is not the look you're after, then you might, instead, want a custom deck, which you can have made with whatever types of wood the deck builder is willing to use. Cedar, larch, cypress, and tigerwood are all common decking woods, and most custom deck builders are happy to work with any one of them. If you tell them what you want the deck to look like, they can even recommend the best wood for your home.

3. You can have the deck altered to suit the terrain

If you have uneven terrain in your yard, installing a premade deck might require that you flatten the terrain first. This can get to be quite expensive. On the other hand, a custom deck builder can usually just build the deck around the terrain. For example, they can make the legs on one side of the deck shorter if there's a hill on that side. This is often the more affordable approach since hiring a separate landscaper can cost a small fortune. Plus, you can keep enjoying the beauty of the more natural terrain!

Custom decks can be made in any size, from a variety of woods and in a way that works with your yard's terrain. Talk to a deck builder near you to learn more.

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