Have An Old Tree That Is Not Doing Well? Why You Need To Remove It And How This Is Done

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If you have an old tree in your yard that is not doing well, you may need to have it removed. First, hire a tree service company to ensure it is dying. If so, there are many reasons to remove it, three of which are listed below. You will also find information on how a tree removal company does this.

Reasons to Remove the Tree

The main reason to remove the tree is that it could fall, especially if it is very diseased. If the tree is near your home, this can cause a lot of damage. The tree may be close to power lines which can cause you a lot of problems. If you have children that play near the tree, branches could fall and hurt them. 

If your tree has a disease, it could spread to other trees in your yard. This does depend on the type of disease it has. If so, all your other trees may get the disease and you would also have to have them removed. It can take time for new trees to grow so your yard will be without trees for quite some time.  

If the tree has encroaching roots, this can cause damage to your home's foundation if the tree is planted close. If the tree is near your driveway, this could cause your driveway to get cracks or cause even more damage. 

How a Tree Is Removed

Hire a tree removal company to do this job for you. If you try on your own and have no experience, you can cause a lot of problems. For example, if the tree is not removed in the right way, it could fall. 

The tree removal company will start out cutting off branches starting at the top of the tree and working their way down. If the tree is very tall, they have a truck they use that rises the contractor to where they need to be. Once all branches are removed, they then use equipment to cut the tree one piece at a time. When finished, if the tree did not have a disease, you can use this wood for yourself. You could also have the wood made into mulch. 

When the tree is gone, the tree removal company can remove the stump for you. They do this by cutting away as much of the stump as they can. They then use a grinder to kill the tree roots so they will not continue growing. You can then fill in the hole with soil and plant new grass or plant a new tree. 

The tree removal company can give you much more information.

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