Mitigating Your Commercial Property's Erosion Issues

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Soil erosion has the potential to cause extensive damage to your property and the buildings that are on it. This can be particularly important for commercial properties as erosion can damage parking lots, building foundations and make the business less attractive to potential customers. Depending on the level of erosion problems that your property can experience, there are several strategies and options that can be used to keep the soil from washing away.

Effective Use Of Vegetation

Vegetation can be an effective tool for reducing soil erosion. The roots of plants will be able to hold the soil in place so water will be less able to wash it away. Unfortunately, many commercial properties will not value effective landscaping maintenance, and this can lead to bald patches of soil being exposed. Over time, this could allow an erosion problem to develop, which may rapidly worsen. While this will slightly increase the maintenance for the grounds, it can avoid the need for expensive or disruptive repairs in the future.

Runoff Management

Erosion problems are often started by water flowing rapidly over the ground during periods of heavy rain. This can be particularly true for business properties as runoff from the parking lot can cause serious erosion along the perimeter of it. Installing an effective drainage system will help you with managing the runoff so that it can be slowed or directed to safer areas. In addition to drains, this may also involve placing gravel or stones to slow the speed of the runoff so it will be less likely to wash away the soil with it.

Erosion Control Netting And Retaining Walls

In cases where the erosion issues are particularly severe, it may require the use of commercial soil erosion control services and retaining walls. These upgrades can physically hold the soil in place to prevent it from being carried away. In most cases, erosion control netting is more of a temporary solution that can be used to prevent erosion during major construction or landscaping work. However, retaining walls are permanent additions to the property that will need to be professionally designed and installed. Luckily, there are attractive options for retaining walls so that you can keep your business's landscaping as attractive as possible while also minimizing erosion issues. An example of this could be the use of natural stone or brick as these options can be an option that will be as effective but far more attractive than a solid concrete retaining wall.

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