Tips To Make Your Landscaping Stand Out

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Now that it is spring, it is time to do some landscaping. If you have not changed your landscaping in some time or have not taken proper care of it, there are many things you can do to make your landscaping stand out. Keep reading so your home will look beautiful to everyone. 

Plant Flowers

If you currently have flowers that have sat over the winter, remove them if they are annuals. If you have perennials, remove dead leaves and weeds that may have grown around them. Removing weeds is important as they compete with the flower for water and nutrients. 

Planting flowers is a big part of landscaping as they provide beautiful colors. Planting plants that do not flower can also add to the landscaping. Where you plant the flowers is up to you. You can create a flower garden, plant them in front of your home, plant them along a walkway, etc. 

Choose annuals that are already in bloom, which can be purchased at a garden center. If you do not have a lot of time, choose annuals that do well in high heat and do not require as much water. This includes flowers like marigolds, zinnias, begonias, petunias, poppies, and much more. The garden center can give you much more information about this. 

Perennials are a good option as they come back year after year on their own. When choosing perennials, make sure you know how tall they get. For example, coneflowers and the black-eyed Susan can get tall, but daylilies are shorter. You can mix annual and perennial flowers together to make things look interesting. 


Fertilizer can help give your grass, flowers, and other plants the boost they need to start growing. When fertilizing, you need to ensure you use the right type. For example, your yard will need a different type of fertilizer depending on the plants and flowers that you have. When you fertilize is also important. 

Visit a garden center and tell them the type of grass you have and the flowers you have planted. They can help you choose the right fertilizer. There is spray fertilizer for your lawn to make it easy to apply. You can find fertilizer that will also kill weeds and insects on your lawn but will not kill your grass. 

For your flowers, there is granule fertilizer which is small granules that you spread around the flowers. The granules break down a little at a time, preventing you from having to put more fertilizer on the flowers later in the season. 

Contact a landscaper for more information about landscaping

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