Helpful Tips For Buying Wholesale Trees When You're A Landscaper

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If you're a landscaping professional, you might regularly purchase grass seed, fertilizer, and a variety of other products that you can use to care for your customers' lawns. If you haven't yet worked with a wholesale supplier that sells trees, then you could benefit your landscaping company by doing so. If you're ready to start ordering wholesale trees as a landscaper, you'll definitely want to keep these tips in mind.

Choose Trees That Thrive in Your Climate

If you do most of your landscaping work in your local area, then you might be familiar with the trees that seem to thrive and do best in your area. These are the types of trees that you will probably want to purchase. After all, they will be more likely to succeed after they are planted for your customers, and your customers probably will not have to put in as much work to take care of them. If you aren't sure which trees will probably do best in your area, then you should do your research or talk to the supplier for advice.

Consider Purchasing a Few Different Types of Trees

Unless you have one specific project in mind for a big customer, or if your customers have all been asking for the same types of trees, then you will probably want to have some variety. After all, different customers will probably want different types of trees on their properties. Luckily, many suppliers that sell wholesale trees have a lot of different varieties for you to choose from. Purchasing multiple trees will help you ensure you are ready to help each and every one of your customers with adding decorative trees or shade trees to their properties.

Determine Where You'll Store Them

Since you are purchasing the trees in bulk, you might not be ready to plant them all in customers' yards just yet. Instead, you might need to store them for a little while. Make sure that you have enough room and that you have a proper place to store these trees when they are delivered.

Make Sure You Take Good Care Of Them

Of course, when you purchase wholesale trees to use in your customers' lawns, you will want them to be in great condition. You'll want them to look fresh and for them to be healthy enough that they will thrive. This means you should take good care of them until you plant them, and you should instruct your customers about how to properly care for their new trees, too.

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