3 Benefits Of A Professional French Drain Installation

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If parts of your yard get waterlogged, then a French drain could fix the problem. These drains carry surface water down into the ground and disperse it in places with better drainage.

While you can install your own system, you should consider hiring professional contractors to do this job. Why?

1. Avoid Damage to Underground Supply Systems

Your yard might have underground cables, pipes, and lines running under it. If you don't know if you have this kind of infrastructure under your yard, or if you don't know its precise location, then you could do some damage when you dig your drain system.

If you dig in the wrong places, then you might damage underground infrastructure. You'll have a potentially costly fix on your hands. You might also lose a utility supply until you can repair the damage.

If you use a professional French drain installation contractor, then they check the ground for you. They plan your build to ensure that it doesn't affect these key systems.

2. Get Effective Drain Planning and Placement

You can't install a French drain just anywhere in your yard. These systems only work effectively if they are in the right place to remove standing water and to carry it to the right location. They also need to have the right pitch to catch and disperse as much water as possible.

If your drain doesn't have the right placement or pitch, then it can't do an effective job. It might not deal with all the surface water on your yard. Or, it might carry water to the wrong places.

This creates extra problems. For example, if you put the drain in the wrong place or at the wrong pitch, then it might allow water to pool underground around your property. This water can cause structural damage.

A professional installation ensures that your drain is in the right place and has the right pitch. It will manage the water in your yard safely and efficiently.

3. Avoid Disputes With Neighbors

You should think about neighboring properties when you plan a French drain installation. Your system shouldn't be too close to other properties. It also shouldn't divert the water it catches to other people's land.

If you accidentally divert water on to a neighboring property, then you could cause some damage. If you have a dispute with a neighbor, then you might need to dig up the drain and lay it somewhere else.

If you hire contractors to do this job, then they know where the drain should and shouldn't go. They understand where it will disperse its water, so they can plan your build to avoid any contact with other properties.

To find out more, contact French drain installation professionals.

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