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Your trees may be more important to your yard than you may realize. They may also require more regular care and maintenance than you realize to keep them in good condition. You can learn more about trees and their care when you read this short guide on the topic. 

What trees do for you

Landscaping — The most obvious benefit of having trees in your yard is they can help you to achieve the landscape you want. Trees can help a yard look inviting, while also acting as focal points that help to make the property look larger by helping to pull the eyes upward. Specific trees can also add variations of colors. 

Storm control — Trees can offer a bit of protection against storms that rage through your area. The trees can help to prevent flooding. This happens because the living and decaying tree roots create porous soil that allows much of the rainwater to seep into the ground. Also, the trees can block a lot of the wind, helping to decrease the chances of things being blown around the yard and creating damage. 

Sound control — When you have more trees in your yard, it can also help to cut down on sounds from the neighborhood, helping your home to remain quieter and more relaxing. 

Energy efficiency — Trees will cast shade in the yard. The shade can also be cast on the sides of your home. This can significantly cut down on the inside temperature of your home, making it easier and cheaper for you to keep your home cool. In the winter, the trees can cut down on those freezing winds, helping to keep the home warmer for less. 

Importance of tree care

Tree care includes tending to the regular tasks the trees need to remain healthy and taking action when something is going on with one or more of the trees. 

Tree pruning and trimming — Pruning is done to remove the excessive or problematic branches so the remaining branches have enough space to grow correctly and remain strong. Pruning also helps ensure the tree is getting enough nutrients since the dying branches won't be absorbing the nutrients and wasting them. Plus, if you have fruit trees, then pruning will help you to get the best fruit from them. Tree trimming is done to help keep the trees looking nice and to prevent the branches from getting too long and growing into power lines and roof eaves. 

Tree cabling — Tree cabling is done by fastening cables and bolts to a tree that has an issue, such as a v-crotch. A v-crotch is when a tree has two trunks that grow together at the bottom in the shape of a V. This type of tree can experience extensive damage during strong winds. The cabling helps offer protection from that damage. 

Tree inspections — It's important to have the trees inspected if you have any reason to suspect something has changed with them. This way, you can have any issues addressed quickly.

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