Planting Sod For Your New Lawn

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If you are needing to quickly cover a portion of your yard with grass, sod can be an excellent option. However, people that do not have much previous experience with laying sod may have a limited understanding of the best practices that they should adhere to when installing new sod on their property.

Make Sure The First Row Of Sod Is Even

Unfortunately, individuals can often struggle when it comes to laying sod in lines that are straight and even. This could lead to there being large gaps in some areas of the sod, and it can create a visibly unusual pattern in the grass as it grows. To avoid these issues, it can be best to start laying the sod against the home, patio, or other flat surfaces. This can make it much easier to ensure that the first row of sod is straight so that it will be easier to install the remaining rows.

Use Sharp Tools When You Need To Cut The Sod

There can be some areas where you will need to cut the sod that you are placing. One example of this could be needing to place the sod in the corner of a fence or near curved retaining walls. When you are cutting the sod squares to fit in these spaces, you should use extremely sharp cutting tools. Individuals may not properly value this step, which can lead to them using dull tools. This can lead to excessive damage occurring to the roots of the sod, weakening its ability to survive the transplanting process. For this reason, it can be ideal to choose sharp tools that are designed for use with sod as they will be able to cut through the sod while minimizing the damage to the roots.

Move Quickly When Installing The Sod

When your sod arrives at your property, you should plan to move quickly with installing it. The sod can rapidly start to dry out, which can lead to it dying before you are able to install it. Depending on the size of the area that you are planning to cover with sod, it may take multiple days to complete this process. If this is the case with your site, you should make sure to have tarps available that you can use to cover the sod when you are done for the day so that the rate of evaporation can be mitigated.

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