Tree Care Through The Three Stages Of Spring

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Spring tree care can set the stage for a full year of healthy new growth. Providing the right care depends on the right timing as the trees reawaken from winter dormancy and begin to leaf out.

Early Spring

Early spring begins at thaw and continues until just before bud break. The trees are still dormant, although there may be early signs of life like the beginning of a sap run. Cold snaps are still likely and both snow and rain are sometimes in the forecast. 

This is the last chance for major pruning for the many tree varieties that are best pruned during winter dormancy. Remove winter-damaged branches as well as any weak wood to improve the tree's form. Your tree service will also remove winter trunk wraps from young trees and uncover any evergreens that were wrapped in burlap for winter wind burn protection.


Consider mid-spring to be the period from when the buds begin to swell until they just start blooming. Pruning isn't advised at this time, as the sap will be running so pruning cuts can be messy. Further, pests and disease organisms are also becoming active at this time, so open wounds on tree branches are best avoided.

Mid-spring is a good time to make sure there are no weeds encroaching on the tree. Replenish the mulch that surrounds the tree, as it will help conserve moisture and keep weeds at bay. This is also the season to apply any needed fertilizers. Your tree service can determine what type of fertilizers are best depending on your soil and the tree variety.

Late Spring

The earliest flowering trees are just reaching peak bloom as the late flowering varieties just begin to burst from their buds. It continues until summer arrives with fully leafed-out trees. The rest of the landscaping is also coming alive, which means this is also the season of lawn sprinklers. Adjust these so that the spray does hit the tree trunks, as the repeated spray can cause damage to the wood over time.

Pest activity tends to get worse in later spring. Fungal diseases can also be a problem, as humid spring rains and warming weather create the perfect conditions for growth. Keep an eye out for pest and disease problems so that you can schedule a prompt tree service visit to treat infestations before they cause permanent damage. 

Contact a tree service to make sure your trees get off to a healthy start this season. 

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