5 Low-Maintenance Landscaping Ideas For Your Medical Practice

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In the medical field, the bulk of the billable hours at a certain practice is naturally allocated to caring for patients. Nevertheless, you want the commercial landscaping that surrounds your practice to look good, as a well-maintained landscape creates a naturally inviting scene. If you want your property to look nice without the need for a great deal of commercial landscaping maintenance, it all comes down to picking the right items, plants, and elements. Take a look at five low-maintenance landscaping options to consider for your commercial landscaping. 

1. Artificial Turf  

Artificial turf is one of the most economical implements in commercial landscaping. The faux grass always looks good, never has to be cut, and is resilient to things that can ruin a landscape, like pests or mud. Plus, artificial turf can last for many years when you opt for a high-quality product and professional installation. 

2. Hardscape Surfaces 

Hardscape surfaces add visual dimension to your commercial landscaping and don't require a lot of maintenance after installation. In fact, it can be a good idea to consider installing hardscaping features around your practice to negate having to maintain a lot of natural plants. For example, installing decorative gravel in areas where there would normally be grass means that there will be less grass to tend to on a regular basis. 

3. Pine Bark Mulch 

Pine bark mulch is a lightweight alternative to standard types of wooden mulch, and it can work really well in commercial landscaping. Pine bark maintains its shape better than standard mulch and does not compact quite so easily. Plus, the material holds moisture that can be beneficial to plants that need a bit of extra water throughout the day to support their health. 

4. Low-Maintenence Shrubs 

Shrubs are often thought to be high-maintenance plants, but this is not the case with all types of shrubs. Plants like dwarf gardenias and deciduous evergreen shrubs do not grow all that quickly and can add an attractive layer of dimension to the landscaping that surrounds your practice. 

5. Moss 

Moss is a highly underrated plant to incorporate into commercial landscaping. Moss grows very slowly, creates an attractive ground cover, and is extremely easy to care for because it does not need a lot of extra watering or sunlight. You could consider adding moss to areas like flower beds that surround the edge of a walkway or on the ground surrounding the actual building.  

Contact a local commercial landscaping service to learn more. 

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