4 Reasons To Have Debris Removed By Landscape Professionals After A Storm

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If you have a lot of trees on your property, a windstorm can leave behind a tremendous amount of debris. Fallen branches and broken trees can look relatively simple to clean up. However, this kind of debris removal should truly be entrusted to landscape professionals. Take a look at a few good reasons to contact a professional for residential debris cleanout. 

You May Not Have the Right Tools for the Job 

From chainsaws and stump grinders to wood chippers and hauling vehicles, a lot of tools are necessary when it comes to cleaning up storm debris. Most property owners do not have all the necessary tools to take care of such a massive cleanup project on their own because these tools are costly investments. However, a well-prepared landscaper that specializes in debris removal will come to your property with everything needed for the job. 

Moving Tree Debris Can Pose a Lot of Risks 

Tree debris can be more complicated to clean up than it appears. You can face a lot of risks during the process of debris removal, such as: 

  • Tree limbs with sharp points and edges 
  • Sap-laden limbs that are far heavier to pick up than anticipated 
  • Tree limbs still lodged in trees or on your roof that could fall at any time 

Using something like a saw on the job site or climbing to retrieve broken limbs can also put you in danger. Debris removal professionals know how to adequately remove the debris and stay safe in the process. 

Disposing of Removed Debris Can Be a Challenge 

Even if you can manage to handle loading up the debris on your property after a storm, finding a place to take the waste is not always easy. Most waste disposal companies do not take natural waste like tree limbs and plants. And, taking the debris to a remote location to dump it is usually against the law. Landscape professionals usually have a wood chipper that breaks down the debris into mulch that can be safely distributed on the ground or repurposed. 

Get Advice About Which Trees Should Be Removed 

After trees have been damaged, they may not always recover. If too many large lateral limbs have broken or part of the trunk has been damaged, the tree may actually die soon after the damage is done. Working with a landscape professional for debris removal will get you expert advice about which damaged trees should be fully removed.

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