Sprinkler Systems: Key Considerations

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Watering your lawn or garden can be a time-consuming chore for many homeowners, so it's probably a good idea to automate the job. Installing a sprinkler system is a great way to avoid having to water your lawn manually and give yourself time for other tasks. Here is a look at this important home and garden topic.


Sprinkler systems offer homeowners several advantages compared to manual watering. As mentioned above, they save time. In addition, they are a great way to give your yard and your garden the exact amount of water they require. Simply ask a landscaper or lawn expert how much water your property needs and then set up your sprinkler control mechanism accordingly. Your grass and plants will receive all of the moisture they need to stay healthy and no more. A related benefit is that because you are not wasting any water, you will probably save money on your water bill.

An aesthetic benefit of installing a sprinkler system is that your property's visual appeal will improve due to the attractiveness of your healthy and vibrant lawn and plants.


Sprinkler systems are an extremely efficient way to water the grounds of your property, although you need to use and maintain the system properly to get the most out of it. For example, water in the morning, if possible. Doing so at night could encourage fungal growth. To avoid wasting water, make sure that your system automatically shuts off during a rainstorm. 

Also, it's a good idea to check the system regularly. Watch for sprinkler heads that are broken or leaking. Keep an eye out for areas of the lawn that seem saturated. This could indicate a leak in the pipes below the ground. Don't allow the sprinkler to hit sidewalks or driveways, which just wastes water. 


The average cost of installing a sprinkler system is $2,540, according to the Home Advisor website. The exact cost depends on several key factors, such as the number of zones in your yard. A zone is a section of the yard that receives a set amount of water. For instance, grass in your front yard might be one zone, while bushes and shrubs in a side yard might be another zone. The more zones your property has, the more expensive the installation in most cases.

Other factors include the number and size of the trenches that need to be dug to lay the underground pipes, whether the yard needs reseeding after the installation, and whether an old sprinkler system must be removed.

For more information about sprinkler systems and sprinkler installation, contact a landscaper in your area.

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