Improve Your Landscape - Your Synthetic Turf Project

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If you do not have a lot of time or financial resources to dedicate to maintaining a lawn, choosing to have synthetic turf installed is an option to consider. Synthetic turf looks natural, yet requires very little upkeep.

Property Owner Concerns

Not everyone is equipped to handle the routine maintenance that natural grass requires. Modern turf products closely resemble natural varieties of grass but do not need the level of care that natural grass products require.

As a property owner, you may be concerned about how your land looks in comparison to other property owners' land. If you are a business owner, it is important to keep your property well-maintained. If you are a residential property owner, you may have certain upkeep guidelines that community property owners must abide by.

Choosing to have artificial turf installed will drastically reduce the amount of work that you need to complete outdoors. Once the turf is installed, you can enjoy the well-manicured surroundings, plus be assured that your property looks just as good or better than the property that surrounds it.

Your Project

A landscape contractor is someone who is qualified to order turf products and install them on your property. They can guide you in choosing artificial turf that closely resembles a native grass type that is typically found in the region where your property is located.

Turf can be used to fill in bare patches. It can also be used to cover an entire expanse of property. A contractor will measure your land, plus determine what type of underlayment will be needed to support the addition of artificial turf.

The Installation Process

Your contractor will prep your land, plus stabilize each section of artificial turf that will be used to cover bare surfaces. The preparation process will ensure that the soil is compact. During the preparation process, the contractor will remove loose debris that could impede their ability to secure artificial turf sections.

Artificial turf will contain blades of faux grass that appear to be growing in the same direction. The curve of the blades will need to remain consistent during the installation process Your contractor will determine which direction each turf panel will need to be laid out in.

Once the sections are laid across the ground, your contractor will anchor them. Adhesives and plastic or metal spikes can be used to permanently anchor each section of turf. After your contractor has finished the installation process, they will use a hose to rinse away dirt particles and other residue that are on or around the turf pieces.

Contact a synthetic turf installation company to learn more.

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