Residential Autumn Landscape Design Pointers

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Autumn is the perfect time to transition your landscape design. Use the following pointers to create a landscaping plan that will add visual interest to your residential property.

Compost And Mulch

Compost and mulch can be used to improve the quality of your soil and add color to your property. Composting and mulching also utilize materials that you may normally dispose of. Less yard waste minimizes the amount of yard debris that you need to have hauled off by a garbage disposal company.

Consult with your landscape designer about using compost and mulch to add essential nutrients and color to your property. Your designer may test the quality of the soil on your land plus determine which parts of your property will benefit from the addition of composted and mulched materials.

Any organic matter can be used to create compost. An electric mulcher can be used to prepare small pieces of mulch.

Perennial Beds and Borders

Use mums and other perennial plants that are typically displayed during the autumn months to create colorful flowerbeds and borders. Your landscape designer can help you pick out some perennial varieties that will thrive in the region that you live in.

Your designer will consider the style of your home and the layout of your property when preparing a new landscape design. Perennial beds and borders can be used to brighten up your backyard or add definition along the edges of your land.


Pick out some evergreens that will add color to your property. Evergreens will maintain their deep color throughout the year. Some evergreen varieties feature pinecones and berries that can add a considerable amount of detail to your residential property.

When consulting with your landscape designer, define the attributes that you would like the new evergreens to possess. For instance, you may want to add more privacy to your land. If so, your designer will provide you with a list of evergreen varieties that are designed to grow tall in height. The evergreens can be used to add a natural privacy border between your property and a neighboring parcel of land. 

Container Displays

Use potted plants to create container displays. The use of potted plant varieties will make each display portable. If you decide to display some plants that will ultimately need to be moved indoors during the coldest months of the year, you can easily move each pot to an interior location.

Your landscape designer will help you select potted varieties that will serve well when displayed outdoors and indoors. Reach out to a landscape contractor near you to learn more.

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